“False information about operations was indicated”: the prosecutor's office told about cases against the Obninsk oncologist Sviridov

The prosecutor's office of the Kaluga region told RT about criminal cases against the famous oncologist from Obninsk, Pavel Sviridov. He is accused of fraud and misappropriation of budget funds, as well as bribes, which he, according to investigators, extorted from patients. The ministry notes that the property suspect has a car worth a million rubles, two million in a bank account and jewelry worth 200 thousand. At the same time, the doctor had already been convicted of similar episodes. Sviridov’s defense considers the prosecution unlawful and intends to bring criminal cases against law enforcement officers themselves.

The prosecutor's office of the Kaluga region called the legal prosecution of an oncologist from Obninsk, Pavel Sviridov, on the facts of receiving bribes and fraud.

As RT reported, the doctor was accused of demanding money from citizens for the right to be operated on free of charge in the prostate cancer brachytherapy center headed by Sviridov. According to SK, Sviridov demanded money from patients for the organization of treatment and the preparation of documents for the allocation of a treatment quota - financing the operation from the state budget.

At the same time, the oncologist had already been convicted of several similar episodes. Sviridov denied guilt. The doctor considers the new criminal prosecution illegal, since all the episodes, in his opinion, should have been combined in one thing.

According to the response of the press service of the supervisory department to RT’s request, the investigators, after revealing new episodes of the crimes, did not immediately suspect Sviridov. For this reason, according to the prosecutor's office, the episodes were not combined with those for which the oncologist was tried at the time of the initiation of a new case.

“On December 27, 2018, the Obninsk Investigation Department of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Kaluga Region opened a criminal case on the fact of an attempt to receive a bribe in the amount of 240 thousand rubles for the treatment of one of the patients with a quota for assistance at the expense of the budget , - explained in the prosecutor's office. - The case was brought against unidentified persons from the staff of the department. There was no evidence that it was Sviridov who committed the crime at that time. In the future, another 12 criminal cases were instituted for similar episodes. All of them are combined into one production. ”

From the response of the prosecutor's office, it also became known that in the investigative unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Obninsk, another criminal case is being investigated on five episodes of fraud, initiated in May 2019.

“That is, these facts were revealed much later than the court sentenced in the first case,” the prosecutor’s office said. - A preliminary investigation established that Sviridov, using fictitious medical documentation about the allegedly rendered medical care, took possession of budgetary funds. Currently, seven more criminal cases have been opened in 19 similar episodes of Sviridov’s criminal activity. All of them are combined in one proceeding, which is planned to be combined with a criminal case, which is conducted by the local department of the Investigative Committee. ”

The department explains that there were situations when two quotas were issued for a patient, but in fact Sviridov performed only one operation with the appropriate funding, and false information about two operations was indicated on the patient’s medical records.

Violations in response

Sviridov’s lawyer Eduard Burushko believes that criminal cases against his client are illegal.

“For example, the prosecutor’s office reports that in May 2019, a case was brought against Sviridov, and my client will know about it only now,” Burushko says. - It is the duty of the investigator, prescribed in the CPC, to immediately notify the suspect so that he can exercise the right to defense. Sviridov was also not notified of the initiation of a case by the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the article “Fraud”. In addition, any crime is subject to qualification based on intent. In this case, the investigation must prove that Sviridov used the second quota to take this money for himself. But he had another intention - to eliminate the deficit of budget financing of operations. We proved earlier in court that not one patient needed one standard, and only 20% of the operated patients met the two standards. That is, for the treatment of most patients there was not enough money even from two quotas. During the trial, each patient was calculated. ”

“Patients sold property, took loans”

In addition, the prosecutor's office of the Kaluga region believes that the financial welfare testifies to the crimes of Sviridov.

“On the issue of his selfish intent, during the investigation Sviridov’s accounts were arrested, on which about 2 million rubles remained, a car worth about 1 million rubles, jewelry (like non-ferrous metal scrap, excluding the cost of precious stones, are estimated at more than 200 thousand rubles) and luxury goods, including watches worth about 150 thousand rubles, say the prosecutor’s office. - According to a copy of Sviridov’s foreign passport, he constantly traveled abroad. Sviridov was unreasonably enriched at the expense of patients, who were mainly elderly people. To save life and health, they sold property, took loans to pay off an oncologist. All this is reflected in the records of interrogations of patients. "

Sviridov in an interview with RT notes that he went abroad mainly on business trips, and not at his own expense, while documents confirming this fact have long been provided to the UK.

“The car was bought back in 2010,” he says. “As for the money in the account, these are mainly my personal savings deferred from the official salary, and the rest are funds that the patients transferred and for which I purchased supplies for operations, which was also previously confirmed by documents.”

In turn, the lawyer says that he intends to appeal not only the court decision on the previous criminal case, but also to seek the termination of new criminal proceedings.

“Moreover, we will seek to bring to justice the officials who initiated the proceedings. This is seen as abuse and abuse of power and other violations of the law, ”says Burushko.

ref: russiart