A teenage girl in the United States is doing something terrible to her dog, and is broadcasting it lively.

Foreign media, including the New York Post, said Thursday that a teenage girl in Texas has released controversy over a bullying dog on Instagram live.

In the video in question, the girl began to lure the puppy in front of the dryer, saying, "I love the dog." Then he put the dog walking towards him in the dryer and started the machine. After opening the dryer door six or seven seconds later, the puppy squirmed in and out of the rotating barrel. The girl saw this and dropped her hat and stopped laughing.

However, the dog was caught in this gap and quickly escaped, adding to the sadness. The video spread quickly online. One netmaster shared a video on Twitter, saying, "If you know this girl, call the police."

Texas police are currently investigating the girl in the video for alleged animal abuse.

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