While the north of the country will suffer a new disruption, the south of France will enjoy all of a sunny day on Wednesday.

The weather will be somewhat disturbed Wednesday in the north-western part of France with light rains in Britain and the north, the south taking advantage of the sun, according to Météo-France forecasts released Tuesday. A new disruption, inactive, gradually returns Wednesday on the northwestern half of the country. Light rains invade Brittany in the morning. At the front, from the Belgian border to the Pays de la Loire, Poitou-Charentes and Médoc, morning greyness subsides, but is replaced by a thicker and thicker veil.

A few clouds over the south of the country

This veil gives a few showers, more frequent from Normandy to the Hauts de France. With this degradation, the wind becomes sensitive on the north-west quarter of the hexagon, with some gusts of 60/70 km / h on the Channel coast. On the Center and the rest of New Aquitaine, despite more and more frequent clouds of altitude, the day will remain quite sunny. It should rain a little bit the next night.

From the German borders to Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Occitania, PACA and Corsica, once the few low clouds in the north-east have dissipated, the sun stands out in a sky just scratched with fine, high clouds. . The tramontane, the mistral and west wind on the ends of Corsica, blow between 50 and locally 70 km / h gusts.

The temperatures

Around the Mediterranean, temperatures remain summery, with 16 to 20 degrees in the morning, 29 to 32 in the afternoon locally 33/34 in the interior of Languedoc and Var. On the rest of the country, the start of the day is cool with 7 to 13 degrees in general. The maximum peaks between 19 and 21 degrees from Brittany north of the Seine. They are slightly higher elsewhere with 21 to 25 degrees, locally 26 to 28 in average Rhone valley, in the valleys of Auvergne and on the plains of the South-West.