• Justice: Ask the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the rent bellies agencies
  • Parent associations accuse Dolores Delgado of "demonizing" and "fostering the phobia" of surrogacy

The Prosecutor's Office will investigate the activity of a Ukrainian subrogated gestation agency that offers its services in Spain through a subsidiary in our country, following the complaint of the Government that sees possible signs of crime in this company, whose parent is already being investigated in Ukraine .

The Public Prosecutor's Office has informed that it has sent the complaint of the acting Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, in relation to the activity of this rental agency to the Prosecutor of the National Court to initiate an investigation.

Initially, Justice reported that it had transferred possible indications of crime to the State Attorney General's activity in the activity of certain surrogacy agencies.

And even the head of Justice, Dolores Delgado, explained on Monday to Efe that neither parents nor minors are being investigated, but only some agencies, "not all", although he did not specify how many.

However, the Prosecutor's Office details that the Ministry's complaint only refers to a single agency that offers surrogacy services in Ukraine, which has a headquarters in Spain that offers its services on a website.

Although surrogacy is legal in Ukraine, the parent company of this country is being investigated for alleged crimes of human trafficking, documentary falsification, illegal transfer of people across the state border and tax evasion, as defined in the Ukrainian Criminal Code

From this investigation, the existence of the Spanish headquarters of this company has been known, although the events in Spain are not being investigated in Ukraine and, therefore, the existing evidence is still in the embryonic phase, says the Prosecutor's Office

And although part of the events have taken place outside of Spain, the complaint has been sent to the Prosecutor's Office of the National Court for being the competent to know according to the Law.

Speaking to Efe, the acting minister said yesterday that crimes such as child trafficking, criminal organization, money laundering and even document falsification could be committed.

"It is a very, very serious issue," said Delgado, who insisted that in Spain surrogacy has been banned since 2006 and regretted that there are agencies that are "negotiating with the womb of women" and are "dealing with minors."

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