• Protest at the Hong Kong airport, even today you can't fly
  • Hong Kong, the protest continues to invade the airport: ground planes


August 13, 2019 "Our intelligence has informed us that the Chinese government is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong. Everyone must stay calm and safe." US President Donald Trump writes on Twitter. "Many are blaming me and the United States for the problems that happen in Hong Kong. I can't imagine why." Thus the American president in another tweet.

For the second consecutive day the demonstrators for democracy occupied Hong Kong international airport causing chaos in the flights and for the first time in five days the police entered the airport. Riot troopers clashed with demonstrators using pepper spray and arrested four people, but then decided to retire. Previously, the authorities had canceled all departing flights. The CNN released a video showing a policeman who, after being surrounded and attacked by a group of young people who steal his truncheon, apparently aims the gun at them without shooting, before being rescued by some colleagues.

Images that give an idea of ​​the very high tension in the former British colony, while the leader Carrie Lam warns that violent protests are driving Hong Kong along a "no-return path that will plunge her into a very worrying and dangerous situation". Lam, almost in tears, launched yet another appeal for calm. "Take a minute to think, look at our city, our home, do you really want to see it pushed into an abyss?" He asked, refusing once again to make concessions to the protesters. But the polls are merciless against the leader: Lam's popularity has slipped to historic lows, on a scale of 0 to 100, stops at 27.9, lower than even the last British governor, Chris Patten. Only 20.4% of respondents would vote for Lam in the case of elections, compared to 71.6% who answered "no".

Meanwhile, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has requested an independent investigation into the use of force against protesters. "There is evidence indicating that police actions are not in line with international standards, for example, they saw agents throwing tear gas directly at demonstrators, on the crowd and in closed areas, with serious risks of causing injuries or deaths" said a spokesperson, assuring that the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, is concerned about the escalation of violence in recent days and at the same time, "condemns all forms of violence and destruction of property and asks all participants in protests to demonstrate peacefully ". The European Union has appealed for "moderation" to the two sides, while the US president, Donald Trump, has called for "no one to be killed".

China at the UN: we do not want interference
The Chinese diplomatic mission to the UN in Geneva denounced the "unjustified declaration" on the demonstrations in Hong Kong of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. "This statement - he says - contradicts the facts, interferes with what happens in Hong Kong, which is China's internal affairs, and sends a wrong signal to violent criminals. The demonstrations have recently taken a violent turn with behaviors that have nothing to dealing with a peaceful demonstration ".