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3 innovative dishes to renew the holiday table and leave


Hala Al Khatib - Beirut

Traditionally, Eid al-Adha dishes are sacrificial meat, mainly rice and vegetables, but some women prefer to enrich the Eid trip with innovative and unconventional foods, which may be added to the main dishes or may form the basis of the table.

Lebanese chef Suleiman al-Khaund offers readers and readers of Al Jazeera Net ideas for delicious dishes decorate the table and give it a modern character.

Suleiman Al-Khawand is a graduate of the Hotel Institute with three specializations: hotel arts (production), food service, and hotel management; he has been trained in France and Germany.

Innovation makes the table appetizing
Chef Suleiman has been a professor in the Lebanese Hotel School for about 25 years, a permanent participant in Eureka, and an international referee in a large number of international competitions.He also participated in the Top Chef program in his first season.He has a radio program and guest in a number of television cooking programs.

Chef Suleiman considers that the innovation in the dining room makes the table delicious, and makes the lady proud of the dishes they offer, especially if attended in the original way.

Three dishes are proposed to be added to the holiday table and leave, have a great popularity and wonderful taste.

The first is "Salmon Cake", which is easily prepared and the lady has the option to decorate, and served with appetizers, and then "Rolo spinach meat", which is served cold, and the latest "thighs with vegetables" and is a main dish awaited by most family members and guests.

Smoked salmon cake is easy to prepare and options remain adorned to taste (Al Jazeera)

Smoked Salmon Cake

the ingredients:
- Rice (small grain): 300 grams

- Chinese salt: spoon

- Sugar: 100 grams

- Rice vinegar: 200 ml

- Crab: kilogram

- Mayonnaise: 200 grams

- Salt: sprinkle

- White condiment: sprinkle

- Somon (smoked salmon): 1 kg

- Toast or honey bread

- Mango for decoration

- Grozai for decoration

- Herbs for decoration

How to prepare:
Boil the white rice, boil vinegar, Chinese salt and sugar about three minutes, then put the rice in a bowl and cool it, then add the mixture and mix well.

Cut the crab and mix well with mayonnaise.

Brush the bowl with toast or honey bread, and place the rice marinated with vinegar, salt and sugar mixture, then put the crab marinated with mayonnaise on top.

The whole mold is then worn with fumions (smoked salmon), sprinkled with ground pepper, garnished with mango, herbs and grozai.

Rolo spinach with meat and served cold (the island)

Rolo spinach with meat

the ingredients:
- Spinach: one kilogram

- Chicken eggs: 8 eggs

- Flour: 200 grams

- Salt: sprinkle

- White condiment: sprinkle

- Meat cutlets: 1 kg

- Cream cheese with weeds: 200 g

- A little mustard

How to prepare:
Stir spinach with butter very lightly to wilt its leaves, then squeeze well and chopped into very small pieces.

Top it with eggs, flour, salt and white pepper, mix well.

Spread the mixture in a tray on butter paper, and enter the oven warm 175 degrees for ten minutes, and then let it cool.

Roast the meat slices on the grill, and let it cool.

Place over the grilled spinach mustard and cream cheese and then grilled meat, and roll it in the form of a roll.

Allow to cool for three hours in the refrigerator, then cut and garnish and ready to serve cold.

He took the sheep with vegetables, a main dish (the island)

Take the sheep with vegetables

the ingredients:
- Full sheep thigh

- Broccoli vegetables: 1 kg

- Zucchini: One kilogram

- Islands: one kilogram

- Corns fingers: can

- Salt, seasoning, cinnamon

- Flour: 40 grams

- Butter: 40 grams

- Aromatic plants

How to prepare:
Roast the thigh in the oven for an hour, then climb with some aromatic plants such as garlic, lome, cinnamon sticks and cardamom.

Take the broth and put on top of butter, flour, black pepper, cinnamon soft and salt to cook the sauce, which condensed slightly.

Boil broccoli and squash four minutes with boiling water, while carrots boil twenty minutes with boiling water.

Place the mature thigh in a bowl and pour the sauce on it and garnish with roasted nuts, boiled vegetables and corn sticks.

Source: aljazeera

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