“World Three Major Tenor” Domingo Suspected Sexual Harassment to Opera Company Survey August 14th 7:51

Global opera singer Placido Domingo reported that nine women were once affected by sexual harassment, and revealed that the opera company, which is headed by Domingo, will begin investigation.

An American news agency, AP News, was one of the “three world tenors” on the 13th, and nine women from Spain ’s 78-year-old opera singer Placido Domingo have suffered sexual harassment since the late 1980s. I reported that I had filed complaints one after another.

Among them, a woman who was a singer in his 20s at the Los Angeles Opera, the opera company that Domingo currently serves as the general director, was finally invited by Mr. Domingo to `` Do you come to the room because you are teaching? '' In 1991, he complained that he was unable to decline and was forced to have a sexual relationship.

In response, Mr. Domingo said in a statement, “If someone had made someone uncomfortable, it would hurt me, but the anonymous claim that dates back 30 years is not accurate. I believe that all exchanges were agreed. ”And countered.

On the other hand, the “Los Angeles Opera” revealed that NHK's interview will start elucidating the facts through a third-party investigation.

The “#MeToo” movement, which accuses sexual harassment and sexual violence, is spreading all over the world including the United States.