Part of the fun of traveling to a new country is how different it is, but this difference can turn from fun to a nuisance point, for example when tourists break the law out of ignorance or make a big mistake.

The following are a number of rules not known in some countries:

Noise: Chewing gum is known to be punishable by law in Singapore, but people who disturb those around them with music or other forms of noise can face a fine of up to S $ 1,000 ($ 726).

For "outrageous songs" or so-called "story poems," the punishment can be up to three months in prison.

- Samumbi: Are you walking the road holding your smartphone without showing any interest? In Lithuania it crosses the road and in this case it can cost him up to 12 euros ($ 13) fine.

The "samumbi" is used for those who use his phone while crossing the road without any interest, a term that combines the words "smartphone" (smart phone, zombies).

- Fashion: Army camouflage clothing of all colors and shapes is prohibited by military law in the Caribbean Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The German Foreign Office notes that anyone who brings them to, buys or wears them should pay a fine and then confiscate the clothes.

Drinks: Don't consider bringing a soft drink to Nigeria. It is among the many daily vocabulary items on the long list of prohibitions at the customs office. Also on the list are ball-point pens and soap.

- Fuel: Are you heading for a road trip through Germany? Make sure your tank has enough fuel before reaching the highway. Parking or parking on the highway can mean fines. Running out of fuel is unavoidable.