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Retweeting a message alleging, without proof, that former Democratic President Bill Clinton could be linked to the death of financier Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump has lengthened the list of conspiracy theses he has helped spread.

Here is a non-exhaustive list.

- His collaborators spied -

Speaking of a "failed coup", the US president assured in May that the 2016 FBI inquiry into Moscow's relations with his campaign team was coupled with a "spying" of his employees. Nothing has come to support this thesis.

- Obama born in Kenya -

Long before embarking on the presidential race, the real estate tycoon had led an unfounded campaign challenging Barack Obama's US citizenship, questioning the validity of his birth certificate and thus his legitimacy. to be president.

- The "Deep State" -

Donald Trump has taken up the thesis of the existence of a "shadow state", a theory relayed regularly by the American far right claiming the existence of a parallel government. It has never been proven.

Mr. Trump said in September 2018 that an unfavorable and unsigned forum of a senior official of his administration came from the "Deep State".

- Electoral Fraud -

Mr. Trump reiterated that "millions" of people illegally voted in the 2016 presidential election he won after being cut by nearly 3 million votes by Hillary Clinton. Nothing concrete came to corroborate his claims.

- Anti-Muslim videos -

In November 2017, Donald Trump relayed on his Twitter account three Islamophobic videos propagated by the British far right.

One of them, entitled "Islamist crowds push a teenager from the roof and beat him to death!", Was filmed in 2013 in Egypt during protests against Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi, then head of the army.

- Kennedy's killer -

Donald Trump sought to harm Ted Cruz, one of his Republican primary rivals for the 2016 election, by claiming that his father, Rafael Cruz, was close to Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of shooting John F. Kennedy in 1963.

- The judge and the pillow -

The US president has publicly questioned the natural cause of the death of Antonin Scalia, a conservative Supreme Court justice who died in February 2016 in his sleep, at 79 years old.

"They said they found a pillow on his face, which is a rather unusual place to find a pillow," said Donald Trump skeptically.

- September 11th -

Donald Trump said it and said it again during the presidential campaign: according to him Muslims celebrated in New Jersey the attacks of 9/11. No image exists of these alleged facts.

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