“The accident occurred on the 82nd km of the Kaluga – Tula – Mikhailov – Ryazan highway. According to preliminary data, as a result of a collision of vehicles, three were killed and four were injured, ”Sergei Sergeychev, deputy chief of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, quotes TASS.

According to him, all the dead are employees of the Belgorod FSIN.

The accident occurred when the FSIN car turned at the T-junction at the green traffic light. At this time, an SUV crashed into it, riding a “red”, it hit two more cars.

The causes of the incident are being clarified.

On June 10, five people were injured in a truck collision with an Emergency Situations convoy near Tula.

In June, the Yuga.ru portal reported that six people were hospitalized in the Stavropol Territory after an accident involving a minibus.