President Moon said, "Our response should not be emotional."

President Moon said at a meeting of senior aides at the Blue House this afternoon, he stressed, "We must have a long-term breathing, but we must have a cold and fundamental solution."

Mr. Moon said, "We, who have suffered a lot from Japanese imperialism in the past, cannot help but take Japan's economic retaliation very seriously."

In particular, "economic retaliation is not just unjust in itself, but it is more so that the beginning is a matter of past history."

"However, even when our ancestors bleed 100 years ago and called for independence, they advocated and practiced the Dead Sea Nationalism, in which all humanity is equal and the world is a citizen." It is our spirit that continues to be aimed at peace and coexistence. "

He said, "In this respect, I give my deep respect and gratitude to the mature citizenship demonstrated by our people."

Mr. Moon said, “We are showing a strong and wondrous view of our nation's unfavorable economic retaliation, but not trying to undermine the friendly relations between the two peoples.” If we communicate with the values ​​of human rights and friendship with humanity and peace, the future of Korea-Japan relations will be brighter. ”

Based on this, President Moon said, "The government will use Japan's economic retaliation as an opportunity for telephone retaliation, and will carry out a sophisticated and detailed strategy to further develop our economy."

(Photo = Yonhap News)