Japanese media reported on Wednesday that the South Korean government excluded Japan from its list of white nations.

NHK announced today that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced a policy to classify Japan as a new group, except for Japan, in Korea's 29 preferential export management countries.

The broadcast said the government has said it will consider strengthening export control as Japan decided to exclude South Korea from its preferential export control countries.

NHK explained that this will increase the number of documents required for screening or extend the screening period when exporting to Japan.

Kyodo news agency said in a breaking news, `` Korea will exclude Japan from preferential countries around September. ''

Kyodo announced that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced in September that a group of countries giving preferential treatment to security exports would implement measures to tighten the procedures except Japan.

The news agency also said, "It is a de facto countermeasure against Japan's tightening of export regulations."