The situation in Hong Kong is not unusual. Demonstrators have taken over the airport, and flights have been suspended, leading to China's insurgency. More than 1,000 Korean travelers remain in Hong Kong.

I am Son Hyung-an.


Thousands of Hong Kong protesters opposing criminal extradition laws have taken over airport terminals. The airport was virtually completely stopped as normal immigration procedures could not be followed.

When paralyzed by heavy traffic, Hong Kong officials said yesterday that the airlines would stop operating at 5:30 pm.

Later, I announced that the airport will be operating from 9 am today, and as the airport stops for a limited time, the skyway connecting Korea and Hong Kong is blocked, which is causing great inconvenience to travelers.

There are 23 flights from South Korea to Hong Kong by 9 am, which are announced by Hong Kong authorities.

The ministry said 10 flights were confirmed for cancellation and the remaining flights were expected to be cancelled.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport says more than 1,000 Korean travelers are currently in Hong Kong.

If airport operations do not resume, he said, we are also preparing to ship through nearby Macau or Shenzhen.