“I am not opposed to the use of new IT technologies and the possibility of using artificial intelligence ... I believe that you need to be extremely careful here, because you need to understand that after all, a student is a living person, and like any living person, they have different periods of life, and artificial intelligence may not take this into account, ”said the expert.

The expert believes that artificial intelligence may not take into account a number of important factors affecting the student's work.

“All this (assessment of student work. - RT ) must be done in combination: use the capabilities of artificial intelligence and not refuse to use a living person, the capabilities of the faculty. We need to find a reasonable combination of the use of artificial intelligence and the competent use of experienced faculty intelligence, ”added Komkov.

Earlier, the director of the Center for Competencies in the field of online education and digital corporate training at EDCrunch University NUST MISiS Nurlan Kiyasov announced that in a number of Russian universities in 2021 they may introduce a new system for monitoring student performance.