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We know this about the crash


Sunday afternoon, July 14, 2019, a small aircraft crashed shortly after it lifted from Umeå airport. Nine people perished. This is what is currently known.

Sunday, July 14:
  • 13:33 lifted a sports aircraft of the type GippsAero GA8 Airvan from Umeå airport.
  • 14:13, the first alarm comes in to the SOS alarm. Soon afterwards, the company receives several calls from people who have seen an aircraft crash in the air over the island of Storsandskär, just south of Umeå Airport. Witnesses then see the plane spin around and crash on the island.
  • On board the plane were nine people, all members of the Swedish Parachute Association. At 15:51, Region Västerbotten for SVT confirmed that all on board had died in the accident. Some relatives are informed, but the police are still working on the matter. Only four civil aviation accidents in Sweden's history have claimed more deaths.
  • Police confirm that all are residents of Västerbotten and Norrbotten County. The deceased are not all officially identified yet, it will be done later in consultation with the Forensic Medicines Agency. All are Swedish citizens, but one has dual citizenship.

Flowers outside the parachute the day after the plane crash that killed nine people. Photo: Erik Abel / TT

  • The police have blocked off the scene and the police announce that it is a crime to enter the area. The rescue service has cooperated and borrowed boats from residents in the area.
  • Norrland University Hospital (Nus) in Umeå went up in staff position during the afternoon. At the same time, Region Västerbotten collaborates with the Swedish Church and the municipality of Umeå in terms of psychosocial efforts. Special premises have been opened at the airport for relatives and relatives in need of support. In addition, witnesses, relatives and others can receive support at the Ålidhem Church in Umeå.
  • At 17:45 the police went out with a wish that those who hit on any wreckage parts should not touch anything but contact the police on 114 14.
  • The police decided to introduce a train stop between Umeå Central Station and Umeå Östra. At 18:30 the train stop was canceled and since 20 the trains have been able to go as usual.
  • The cause of the airplane crash is still unknown. According to TT, it can be very difficult to determine since aircraft of this type lack a tachograph.
Monday, July 15:
  • At lunchtime on Monday, other paratroopers flying with the same model as the accident plane announced that they would put them on the ground until they acquired knowledge.
  • The Swedish Transport Agency announced that the accident plane had recently undergone checks and was considered airworthy.
  • At 14, Peter Swaffer from the State Accident Investigation Board for DN confirms that the plane of the accident plane was broken in the air.
  • Just before 15 o'clock, the police announce that the person who has dual citizenship is, in addition to Swedish citizens, also American citizens. The person was resident in Sweden. Of the nine killed, two are women and seven men.
  • A memorial ceremony will be held in the evening at Umeå City Church. It is almost full.
  • It will be revealed that last year the aircraft manufacturer warned that some parts on the plane needed to be replaced or checked. The wing brackets could suffer from metal fatigue. It is unclear whether this plan has passed the recommended inspections.
Tuesday, July 16:
  • The barrier to the island is lifted, but at the accident site it is still blocked off. It is owned by the Swedish Accident Investigation Board and the goal for them is to transport wreckage parts to their premises in Strängnäs as soon as possible.
  • The plane's maintenance program, which is a kind of to-do list for the maintenance of the aircraft, shows that the crashed plane in Umeå seems to have undergone the checks according to the rules prescribed. It notifies the Swedish Transport Agency as a result of the aircraft manufacturer being warned that some parts needed to be replaced.

Strong stories emerge:
  • Sten Eriksson was first at the scene of the accident:

- I didn't feel any heart rate. Then you start to feel ... a little despair. What should I do? And I was there all alone, he says.

  • Several islanders on Storsandskär became witnesses to the accident. And the head instructor at the parachute club in Umeå talks about the incredible grief and the phone call that turned upside down on everything.
  • Pilot Mats Johansson flew behind the plane for ten minutes. Shortly thereafter, he was commissioned to look for the plane that crashed.
Friday, June 19:
  • All aircraft of the accident model are stopped, pending the cause of the accident to be determined.
  • All deaths have now been officially identified.
Sunday, July 21:
  • A memorial ceremony is held in Umeå to honor the memory of the nine people who died. The ceremony is also used to show support and love for loved ones. On stage, among others, members from the Umeå Parachute Club and the governor spoke. A relative chose to sing a song in memory of the victims. Hundreds of Umeå residents came to show their support.

Monday, July 22:

  • The Accident Investigation Board ends work at the accident site in Umeå. The aircraft wreck has been salvaged and taken to Strängnäs where it will be investigated.


Axel Pettersson, 16, witnessed the tragic plane crash. Photo: Axel Pettersson

Source: svt

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