One evening in April, Anna receives a bid from architect Alfred Arwidius, who belongs to the Malmö Society. He asks her to come home to him in his apartment on Adelgatan and when the family has had dinner she goes there.

Anna worked at the wool factory herself, but her mother did housework at Arwidius and it was probably so she had contact with the acrylic.

The next day they are both found dead and naked in Arwidius' bathroom. They had been carbon dioxide poisoned by a newly installed hot water heater. The scandal is immediately silenced and Anna is erased from the story.

The scandal in which architect Arwidius was found dead was silenced.

But author Karin Lövgren Nilsson became curious about Anna and started looking in Malmö's archive.

- I wanted to know her name. Then I was stuck. I just couldn't let go of the story.

Searching for Anna and her family in the city archives became a book "Anna in the shadow of Alfred". It is the story of a quiet love affair, but also the story of a city.

The entire report was shown in Saturday's section of the Sweden program.