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According to a recent report from the Tanzanian authorities, the explosion of a tanker truck on Saturday, August 10, in Morogoro, about 200 kilometers from Dar es Salaam, left 71 people dead, mainly onlookers who siphoned off the fuel that was pouring from the heavy truck. rugged. Three days of mourning were decreed by the authorities. A commission of inquiry has been set up.

It is in white coffins each surmounted by a number and a crown of purple flowers that the victims of the explosion of the tanker were buried this Sunday, August 11 in Morogoro. An official ceremony in the presence of the Prime Minister dispatched by the scene of the tragedy by the Head of State.

In front of a crowd massed on a school ground of the city, Kassim Majaliwa announced the establishment of a commission of inquiry to establish if one or institutions had failed in their responsibilities in the management of this catastrophe.

" While our now deceased compatriots were gathering to siphon fuel, did anyone stop them? Asked the Prime Minister. " I know that normally, in the event of an accident, the road safety police will go to the rescue, " said Kassim Majaliwa, who also questioned whether the fire department had intervened in time.

For his part, President John Magufuli went to the bedside of the wounded treated at the hospital in Dar es Salaam after their transfer by helicopter or by road. On Saturday, he said he was " very shocked that people are rushing into damaged vehicles to loot their cargo ." " Let's stop this habit, please, " he asked.

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