With the Japanese government's regulation on the export of semiconductor materials to Korea, the issue of material procurement for Korean semiconductor companies has emerged as an important task, and Samsung Electronics is already procuring some core materials from Belgium. Thing).

The media quoted Professor Park Jae-geun of Hanyang University, a former Samsung executive, who said, "Samsung is procuring photoresist (photoresist) from a company in Belgium."

According to Park, Samsung purchases this chemical in 6 to 10 month quantities, which is used to store circuit patterns on silicon wafers in advanced chip manufacturing processes.

The media did not disclose the name of the Belgian supplier, although it was assumed by Park that it would be EUV registrar, a joint venture established in 2016 by Japanese company JSR and the Belgian Research Center.

The largest shareholder of the joint venture is JSR Micro, a Belgian subsidiary of JSR.

The Nikkei Asian Review said in a statement last month that a JSR-speaking source said, "We will supply photoresist to Samsung through a Belgian joint venture." I backed it up.

The media added that Japanese companies must be legal to supply regulated goods to Korea through facilities in third countries, which could be monitored by the Japanese government.

Photoresist is the first item to be approved among the three that have been regulated since the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry applied the first export control to Korea from the 4th of last month.