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Gathering at Victoria Park, Hong Kong Island, Sunday, August 11, 2019. The crowd is waiting for the speeches. MPs, social workers, teachers, NGOs had to intervene. RFI / Christophe Paget

Hong Kong protesters remain mobilized. A "sit-in" has been held since Friday at the airport to educate travelers, and a forbidden march was held Saturday at the border with mainland China. Several thousand people took part, mostly young people. This Sunday, August 11, it is on the island of Hong Kong that it happens, in Causeway Bay, Victoria Park.

With our special correspondent in Hong Kong, Christophe Paget

Hong Kong is a former British colony, and Victoria Park, named after the former Queen of the United Kingdom, is known for hosting events. It is also there that every 4th of June a vigil takes place in memory of the victims of the Tiananmen Square repression in Beijing.

Sunday's march was supposed to reach Victoria Harbor, the arm of water that separates the island from the territories further north. But like all events, since the last weekend, it has been banned. Protesters are just allowed to stay in Victoria Park.

Obviously, not enough to stop them, wearing their traditional black t-shirt. Volunteers in a red tent brought water - it was very hot - masks, enough to treat people. They stick on the pillars of posters marked " Free Hong Kong ".

Extradition to mainland China is still scary

Protesters explain to RFI that the government holds press conferences, communicates, but that it does not respond to any of their five requests, the first of which still concerns extradition. As long as he does not answer, they will continue, they promise.

Participants deploying a huge banner say, and this is the message of the banner, very upset, disappointed. In their eyes, the extradition bill - extradition especially to China is what they are afraid of - must be withdrawn, and not just suspended.

"Remove the law on extradition", can read on this banner. RFI / Christophe Paget

Once again, young people are coming together. But as soon as you leave the nearest subway, two elderly people distribute leaflets. Some explain that the best idea would be to organize a new general strike, like last Monday.

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