Every Sunday of the summer, Europe 1 answers your most intimate questions in its health magazine, from 10am to 11am.

Every Sunday this summer, starting at 10 am, find on Europe 1 your health magazine presented by Mélanie Gomez. Sexuality, feelings, personal fulfillment ... Catherine Blanc, sexologist and psychoanalyst in Paris, responds without taboo to the more or less intimate question of a listener (ice). Find his sexo advice of the day:

The question of Thierry, 52 years old

"I have several different sexual partners and most of the time, it goes very well, I sleep with women who do not expect more than me." Only problem, at the beginning of our reports, it is rare that they They agree to do some very advanced preliminaries, they often want to get to the point.

The advice of Catherine Blanc

"A first little vocabulary point First of all, we must know that oral sex is not a prelude to sexuality, we are already in the middle of sexuality.The preliminaries are upstream of sexuality. because, in general, there is one (s) at the origin of the desire, the other may be doing something else, and it must be 'started' with a bodily approach of caresses that would allow for a woman, lubrication, and for a man, erection.

Preliminaries can therefore refer to many things: sex exchange, massage, striptease, watching an erotic film. Preliminaries are the game, [...] how you get excited.

Then nothing is obligatory. One can make love directly and pass to the penetration, it is still necessary that the two brains are in the projection of a sexuality and the two bodies ready for a penetration. That there is, on the one hand, enough lubrication, and on the other, an erection, so that there can be a coitus.

Is it any wonder that Thierry only falls on women like that? Since he does not create a relationship, this moment of approaching, caressing, looking at each other, is perhaps considered by these women to be too intimate. And they, seeking coitus for the excitement or enjoyment of coitus, do not seek to create the relationship.

There are people who will live their sexuality orally and find pleasure because they struggle in a coitus where not much happens.

It is difficult for someone to say: 'I do not like the sight of a sex, I do not find it very beautiful, the smell or taste bothers me'. One may not like, while being totally in the pleasure of sexuality and coitus. We must respect the limits of each. Preliminaries are not an automatic exercise: we do not make love to page one on page 100. We have the right to do the chapters we want. "