There are a number of symptoms that require immediate medical examination, as noted by the writer Emily Denozo in her report published by the magazine "Reader's Digest" in the Canadian version, including:

Periodic medical examination
Your skin reveals a lot about your health, and your changes may indicate symptoms of a hidden disease.

It can be as simple as undernutrition or more serious in some cases, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune disease or even cancer.

2 - moles and tears
When it comes to the appearance or change of moles that appear on your skin, it is necessary, according to the professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Nathalie Yin to look for signs of melanoma. As well as other signs that may indicate skin cancer, such as incurable ulcers and new moles that appear during later stages of a person's life.

The appearance or change of moles on your skin may indicate skin cancer (German)

3 - the emergence of blocks of any kind
Don't ignore any new changes you notice on your body, especially lumps. "The emergence of new or altered lumps, moles or lacerations should immediately bring to the attention of the doctor," according to health expert Nsuchi Okiki Igboki. It is necessary to check these signs because if a cancerous tumor is found, its early detection and treatment will yield better results.

4 - dark lines on the level of nails
Nails reveal diseases that affect your skin. Although some dark marks on the nails may be caused by nutrient deficiencies or other genetic factors, more serious signs such as dark or dark brown lines on the nails and dark skin around the nail, blood and cracks should be sought.

5- White spots on the nails
There are two types of white spots that appear on the surface of the nail: "real blood whites" (spots on the nail surface) and "visible blood whites" (spots that appear to be on the nail surface, but are actually on the nail bed skin).

True whiteness indicates arsenic or heavy metal poisoning, although rare. The apparent white blood may mean kidney, liver or heart problems.

6 - bumps at the level of nails
Unlike toenails, your toenails usually get bumps. Dermatologist Chari Leibner says trauma, hair loss or psoriasis can cause this type of bump. Psoriasis patients are prone to arthritis and others, according to Medical News Today.

True white blood may indicate arsenic or heavy metal poisoning, although rare (German)

7 - stains on the teeth
If you notice white, yellow, or brown spots on your teeth that are not caused by coffee, tea, or smoking, it may be a sign of abdominal disease.

This disease affects individuals with autoimmune disorders in response to gluten intake, a protein found in wheat and barley, which leads to stomach damage and difficulty in absorbing nutrients.One of these nutrients is calcium, which plays a big role in maintaining healthy teeth .

8. Patches on the neck
A dirt-like rash may be a severe rash, and may be a sign that the patient has diabetes or insulin resistance.

The rash may be due to the endocrine problem underlying thyroid disease, PCOS, or adrenal problem.

In rare cases, these signs can provide an indication of cancer in the stomach, colon, or liver.

9 - skin resembles orange peel
Orange peel-like boils may be due to various health problems, the first being inflammatory breast cancer that causes redness and swelling, and the skin reaction is similar on the arms and legs of people with uncontrolled diabetes. Of course, your doctor will be able to examine you and make the appropriate diagnosis.

10 - many bruises and mysterious
Although bruising may be caused by natural fat loss, medications, or even topical steroids, there are other causes of excessive bruising. According to the US Cancer Treatment Centers, unexplained bruising may be an early sign of leukemia.

Red spots on the palm of your hand
There are many hidden reasons behind the appearance of red spots on the palm of the hand, some more dangerous than others.

According to Dr. Liebner, these patches may appear in people with an inflammatory condition such as eczema or psoriasis, or infectious conditions such as ringworm, syphilis or viruses. Other causes include liver disease, endocrine diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.

Retinal bleeding may be disturbing and frequent in people with hypertension or diabetes (European)

12 - frequent blood stains in your eyes
Retinal bleeding may be troubling just to see it, but according to the Mayo Clinic, it is usually a non-serious condition that disappears within two weeks. However, the American Heart Association reported that this type of bleeding is frequent in people with high blood pressure or diabetes.

13- Circular rash
Dr. Lippner said Lyme disease can cause a rash that forms a circular area of ​​redness with another large circle, and the skin color is normal between the reddish circles.

If left untreated, it can affect the heart, brain and joints.