The friends and family of Steve Maia Caniço organize Saturday morning on the island of Nantes a white march in tribute to the young man disappeared in late June. On Europe 1, Mael, one of his friends, evokes a rally that must remain "respectful and non-violent".

One week after meetings enmeshed clashes with the police in Nantes, a white march is organized in tribute to Steve Maia Caniço, between the place where his body was found and that where the young man of 24 years disappeared on the evening of the Music Festival. This time, the tribute is organized by Steve's friends and family. The appointment is given at 11 o'clock in front of the yellow crane. The white march will begin at noon.

"We want to organize a white march because there was one last week but it was not done by his friends and family," said Europe 1 Mael, a friend of the Steve. His family and his family were not at the origin, or even present, at the events organized last weekend.

A musical tribute to Wilson Pier

"We want to do it ourselves to pay tribute to the yellow crane, and when we get to the Wilson dock, there will be something musical for Steve, as he loved the music," says Mael. Participants in this white march will all wear a white T-shirt.

" This is a tribute to Steve, it is not compared to police burrs that there may have been "

The organizers insist on the peaceful and non-militant nature of this tribute: "It is open to anyone as long as it remains respectful and non-violent," says Mael. "We do not want any overflow, no political party, it's a tribute to Steve, it's not in relation to police burrs that there may have been, we really want to do things right in the rules, framed, as from the beginning. "