The weather will be rainy on part of the country Sunday, according to Météo-France forecasts.

The weather will be rainy Sunday on the South-West, then on the Center-East, according to the forecast of Météo-France diffused Saturday.

A new rainy degradation coming from Spain will win New Aquitaine in the morning. The rains will be moderate, sometimes stormy on the Basque Country.

Risk of hail in Auvergne

Towards mid-day the rains will win the Center, then will shift on the Massif Central, Burgundy and the Grand Est afternoon. The rains will be strong and thunderstorms with hail risk, in Auvergne in particular. At the end of the day, the rainy front will stretch from Aveyron and Lozère to Lyonnais, Franche-Comté and Alsace.

In the evening, the rains will fall on the Jura and the Northern Alps weakening, while new rains will be triggered in Occitania. They will again be sometimes stormy especially on the Pyrenees, then also on the plains of Languedoc in the night.

Up to 36 degrees in the Provencal hinterland

From the Southern Alps to the Mediterranean and Corsica, the weather will remain calm and dry. The morning will be cloudy however it will fog quickly. On the wind side, the Tramontane rises around mid-day on the Roussillon, and a moderate southerly wind blows over Provence.

On the north and northwest of the country, the weather will be calmer. The sky will be variable, often veiled in the North. The sky will be brighter over the Northwest but some showers will circulate during the day. It will multiply in the afternoon on the tip of Brittany, then expand in the evening becoming stormy, in a cooler atmosphere.

Temperatures will often drop. The minimum will range from 10 to 15 degrees over a large northern half, 14 to 23 to the south. The maximums will vary between 20 and 24 degrees in the western half and the north-east, with peaks at 27 in the plain of Alsace, and between 26 and 33 degrees in a small southeast quarter, with peaks at 35 or 36 degrees in the Provencal hinterland.