Moreover, as the expert notes, the prevalence of each of these surnames may differ in different regions of the country.

“Of course, if we come to some small village, neither the Ivanovs nor the Kuznetsovs may be there. And with a large sample, for example, in a megalopolis, a persistent four of the most frequent surnames will certainly make themselves felt, ”Mosin told Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

For example, according to him, the surname Kuznetsov is leading in Yekaterinburg, but at the same time, the surname Smirnov is most often found in Russia as a whole.

He also notes that the prevalence of surnames is influenced by other factors, among which are migration and historical processes: if we analyze the 1000 most frequent surnames in Russia, then the list can also contain surnames of Central Asian (Tajik, Kyrgyz or Uzbek) origin.

In April, RT, based on data from regional registry offices, found out that the most popular male name in the country was Artyom, and the female one was Sofia.