In India, where more than 200 people died in floods following a monsoon monsoon that struck northeast last month, the south is facing a turbulence this time.

Local media reports that 87 people were killed in heavy rains lasting three to four days in southern Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The most concentrated area is Kerala, where more than 300 people died after flooding in 100 years of last year.

In Kerala, 30 people died in the last three days, including 20 people killed yesterday.

In Kerala's Malapuram, there was a massive landslide, and more than 40 people were found beneath the soil.

Disaster officials foresee an increase in the number of casualties if the scene of the accident is resolved.

Kerala Kochi International Airport was closed until tomorrow because of the water pushed into the runway.

Most schools in the affected area also closed.

Roads were flooded everywhere, and as the bridges broke, the isolated ones continued.

Local media say hundreds of thousands of homes have suffered power outages, and officials say 400,000 people have suffered in four southern states, including Kerala.

The monsoon season in South Asia begins in mid-June and runs through September. Last year, more than 1,200 people died in Kerala, mainly in Kerala.

(Photo = Reuters, Yonhap News)