Students and interested in the educational process proposed seven languages, to be included in the curriculum of the UAE school, considering that language education for students is a necessity in order to diversify their cultures, and help them deal with the tremendous developments witnessed in the world, especially in the technical and cultural aspect, with a focus on the Arabic language and enrich its curricula, and strive To translate the rest of science into Arabic.

This came as part of their participation in the initiative launched by the Minister of Education, Hussein Al-Hammadi, on «Twitter», to participate in the selection of a language to be included in the curriculum of students, as the initiative received a large interaction of students and interested in the educational process in the country.

The Minister of Education, on Twitter, recently, the subject of the introduction of a new language in the curriculum, under the title «bilingual», calling on parents of students and interested in education, to participate in «brainstorming in an important issue through which we look to shape the future of education "The best foreign languages ​​to teach to our students."

The Minister added that «the foreign language to be chosen will be optional for the student, while Arabic and English are essential subjects, we are keen to enable the students of the UAE school, according to our educational vision to be bilingual, in addition to enabling another foreign language that has a scientific and knowledge balance» .

The singers praised the initiative of the Minister to raise the subject of participation in the selection of a language to be included in the curriculum of students for community discussion, through his account on the social networking site «Twitter», proposing the inclusion of one of the languages ​​(Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish), As options for students besides Arabic and English, to facilitate the enrollment of students in prestigious universities in the countries.

The Chinese, South Korean, French, German and Japanese universities rank high in the rankings and are popular with national students, according to the tweets.

Aisha Al Shamsi commented that the students have a passion for learning different languages ​​such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Spanish. Encouraging the student to learn these languages ​​will open the horizons for the Emirati school student, suggesting that the study of language be fun and fun and not linked to exam, books and duties, and supported by some chirps, calling for Teaching foreign languages ​​without tests or assessment.

The account «Abu Hassan» the importance of the French language, especially since the country has a branch of the most prominent French universities, the University of Sorbonne, in addition to the student can study a second language in addition to English.

Dr. Hashim Zyoud said, "The diversity in the introduction of languages ​​makes the acquired skills of students diverse and different, and facilitate the deeper students in the knowledge of the civilization and history of the country that speaks that language, so I see that more than one language, and the establishment of student clubs that support these languages."

Tariq Ahmed suggested «the introduction of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, and Russian, because of the importance of their countries in the fields of industrial and commercial economic»

Aisha Abdullah said that it is beneficial for the multilingualism of students to enrich their language skills, demanding the provision of qualified teachers with teaching skills in these languages ​​and their continuous follow-up by the Commission.

Amira Al Balushi praised the initiative of the Minister of Education to open the way for community discussion on the choice of a third language, pointing out the importance of the inclusion of the third language as an optional subject, as the student and his / her parents choose the appropriate language, resulting in the graduation of cadres who master multiple languages ​​to support the labor market in the future.

Enhance students' skills

The Minister of Education, Hussein Al-Hammadi, on his account «Twitter», that «it is necessary to enhance the skills of our students and their language culture in an open world and the era of knowledge economy».

He also called on «Twitter» «everyone (with students and those interested in the educational process) to propose to propose the appropriate foreign language to teach students with the reason, your constructive offer is a support for us to build the rules of education and a bright future for our children».

The parents of the students proposed to teach the “new” language with pleasure and fun, and not to be associated with exams, books and homework.