The Qatari Foreign Ministry has won its case against the UAE after Abu Dhabi withdrew its complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and confirmed that Doha is continuing its case against the UAE before the WTO over Abu Dhabi's illegal actions.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday that the Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar to the World Trade Organization in Geneva received an official letter stating that the UAE withdrew its lawsuit against Qatar regarding some of the alleged Qatari measures.

She added that the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation issued a statement confirming the official retreat from its case in the World Trade Organization.

The UAE Foreign Ministry statement said that the UAE's attempt to move the case against Qatar is a contradiction and a step that is not well founded, since the UAE is taking measures to prevent exports to Qatar.

The statement said that the UAE decision to withdraw its complaint shortly after the beginning of this dispute, confirms that Qatar has been and remains committed to all international provisions and agreements related to the World Trade Organization.

The statement added that it is now clear that the UAE does not have any arguments or evidence to prove otherwise.

The Foreign Ministry said that the State of Qatar had confirmed that the non-entry of UAE goods to the Qatari market is exclusively due to the arbitrary measures of the UAE, which began more than two years ago and led to the suffering of UAE exporting companies to Qatar.

"These measures contravene the principles and rules of the WTO. Qatar has fulfilled all its obligations in this regard, including its legal obligation to export gas to the UAE," the statement said.

The statement also confirmed that the State of Qatar is continuing its lawsuit before the WTO against the illegal measures imposed by the UAE since June 5, 2017.

He added that the UAE should withdraw its illegal measures that contravene the provisions of the WTO and its agreements.

The statement added that the State of Qatar will spare no effort in claiming its rights and the rights of its citizens, in front of all international courts and platforms, with the aim of ensuring the abolition of these illegal measures by the UAE.

Qatar reiterates its full respect for its commitments to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and will continue to promote its trade environment open to its economic partners from around the world.