Ocean Viking, SOS Mediterranean's new ship and Doctors Without Borders (MSF), completed its first mission. The humanitarian ship rescued 85 migrants on Friday 9 August in the Mediterranean Sea.

The boat of the latter, part of Libya, had been spotted Thursday evening by a plane of the European operation Sophia, but the Ocean Viking, just arrived in the zone of the reliefs, had had to interrupt its research in the night.

It was only in favor of the day that the big red ship found the small boat, on board which the migrants applauded the approach of the rescuers.

In total, the humanitarian ship gathered 85 people on board, including five women and four children. The youngest is only one year old. Rescuers remained on the alert, looking for another boat party at the same time as the first.

Matteo Salvini remains firm

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who on Thursday broke the populist coalition in Italy, immediately sent a letter to the Government of Norway, whose ship is flying the flag.

"Italy is not legally bound, nor willing to host, unidentified illegal immigrants on board the Ocean Viking," he wrote.

The Italian minister is making the same speech to the 121 migrants stuck aboard the humanitarian ship Open Arms, which is almost always on the spot off the Italian island of Lampedusa.

With AFP