"We are confident that the US-ROK alliance is like a thoroughbred and our two countries share a free and open vision of the Indo-Pacific," said US Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Mr. Esper posted on Twitter after leaving Korea for two nights and said, "Thank you President Moon Jae-in, Defense Minister Chung Kyung-du, and Korean hospitality."

In addition, we emphasized the ROK-US alliance by adding “Let's go together” in English.

Mr. Esper said, “It was a very productive meeting with President Moon Jae-in, who discussed the current security challenges of the Korean Peninsula.” “The power of the alliance is important to support ongoing diplomatic efforts and prevent aggression. To do it. "

"The United States and South Korea will continue to work together to support the free and open vision of the Indo-Pacific and to implement the international community's commitment to the UN Security Council resolutions until North Korea denuclearizes."

Posting a photo of his visit to the USFK base, he said that the US military has been with Korea for over 70 years.

Mr. Esper made his way to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mongolia and Korea on the 2nd of the month, and addressed major schedules such as visits to Korea from 8 to 9 during Korean time, prevention of President Moon, defense ministers' meetings, and visits to US military bases. I did.

In a joint press release issued by the ROK Defense Ministry following the defense ministers 'meeting, the two ministers reaffirmed their position to "support the two countries' diplomatic efforts for complete denuclearization and permanent peace settlement of the Korean Peninsula."

Mr. Esper is also said to have emphasized the freedom of navigation and cooperation of the international community on the Strait of Hormuz in the Middle East.

This is believed to have been a de facto request for a military alliance that the United States is promoting because of the safety of the Sea of ​​Hormuz.

(Photo = Yonhap News)