Last month, a Russian military aircraft invaded our airspace over Dokdo and randomly crossed the air defense identification zone. Yesterday, Russian military aircraft again entered our air defense area without permission, and military officials have not yet announced it.

This is a report by Kim Tae-hoon, a defense journalist.


Japan's Joint Chiefs of Staff, our Joint Chiefs of Staff, released this morning.

Two Russian TU-142 patrol planes flew between the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese archipelago yesterday.

However, comparing the data released by the Ministry of Integrated Martial Arts with the Cadiz of our air defense identification zone, we can see that the Russian transponders entered and entered Cadiz, both east of Dokdo and south of Jeju Island.

[Shin Jong-woo / Senior Analyst, Korea National Defense Security Forum: This is Russia's intentional defensive flight of Cadiz who has entered deeply into Cadiz, not only near Dokdo but also south of Jeju Island.]

Russia, on the 23rd of last month, who did not even apologize for the A-50 Early Warning Control's invasion of Dokdo, deliberately ignored Cadiz again.

It was reported yesterday that our Air Force fighters also scrambled to retire from Russia.

Typically, the military reveals unauthorized entry into Cadiz after the eviction operation, but has yet to announce it.

In the midst of the Korea-Japan conflict, the relationship with the neighboring powers seems to be based on the government's political judgment that it will manage it stably.

(Video Editing: Jinhwa Choi, CG: Lee Junho)