• Russian financing: Italian Justice confirms that Matteo Salvini League defrauded the State 49 million euros

The leader of the sovereign League and vice president of Interior, Matteo Salvini, minority partner of the transalpine executive, asks that Italy have early elections "as soon as possible". The ultra-rightist leader says that "there is no longer a majority of Government . " The truth is that, for the moment, everything is in the air because throughout today, the transalpine prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, has not resigned after visiting the head of state, the president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to know what will be the next step of the Five Star Movement, a party that has the parliamentary majority and that de facto is the majority partner of the Government. We will have to wait in the next few hours what will happen, because, at the moment, Salvini's are merely political statements although of course they have all the practical significance for the country. We will have to see, finally, how they are going to translate their words in the face of a Government that no longer has much more travel. For this reason, most likely, something that will be known in the next few hours, is that Italy will go to the early elections this fall after only 14 months of government. "We go immediately to Parliament to verify that we no longer have a majority, as evidenced by the vote of the high-speed train and repeated insults to me and the League by the 'allies," Salvini said in a statement. And he adds: "Let's quickly return the word to the voters . "

According to the latest polls published in the Italian media, such as the newspaper 'Corriere della Sera', today the League would obtain 36% of the votes and reach 50.6%, so the absolute majority, bringing together 7.5% of Brothers of Italy from Giorgia Meloni and 7.1% from Forza Italia, the party of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The Five Star Movement would go from being Italy's first game in 2018 to the third in autumn 2019 with 17.8% of the consensus. The Democratic Party of Nicola Zingaretti would obtain 20.5% as the second most voted formation in the country .

The heads of the two parties of the government alliance, Di Maio and Salvini, met today in Rome to address the crisis that is going through their anomalous coalition. The two formations maintain irreconcilable positions in many matters, but the drop that has filled the glass was the motion of the Five Star Movement in the Senate to stop the Turin-Lyon railway project, a high-speed line for which the League voted in favor . But the refusal to said railway line is the quintessence of the birth of the Five Star Movement .

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