• The ECB opens to rate cuts. "Stop as long as necessary"
  • Draghi's last shot: the ECB prepares the anti-crisis arsenal


08 August 2019 "The most recent data and the latest results of economic surveys indicate a somewhat weaker growth in the second and third quarters of 2019" for the Eurozone. The European Central Bank notes this, adding that the risks for growth prospects "remain downward, due to the prolonged uncertainties connected to geopolitical factors, the growing threat of protectionism and vulnerability and emerging markets".

The Governing Council of the ECB "emphasized the need for a highly accommodative monetary policy stance for a prolonged period of time" in the face of inflation "constantly below levels in line with expected value". This is stated in the Economic Bulletin which refers to the June meeting.

A strengthening of prospective indications on rates and on quantitative easing is under study "some possible options regarding the size and composition of any new net purchases".