• El Paso and Dayton, Trump: "A trigger has been hatred and mental disability"
  • El Paso and Dayton, grief and controversy after the massacres. Today Trump speaks to the nation
  • El Paso and Dayton, weekend of terror in the US: two massacres and 30 deaths


07 August 2019

The American president Donald Trump arrived with the first lady Melania in Dayton, Ohio, where on the weekend, a few hours after the shooting in El Paso, another massacre was consummated in which 9 people were killed. The tycoon was also received by protests from part of the population.

Hundreds of people in the street shout slogans like "Dump Trump", download Trump, or "You're not welcome", you're not welcome. On some signs the words "Do something", do something, or "Save our guy", save our kids, or "Flip the Senate", the Senate turns, where the majority of Republicans are against a real tight grip on arms by fire.

"Yes to more controls on who buys weapons"
"I don't want to give weapons to mentally unstable people, or to people full of anger and hatred, or to sick people," said Trump, speaking to journalists at the White House, saying he was in favor of more controls against the buyers of lethal weapons. A project, the president says, for which in the Congress "there is a great support" on both sides of the political spectrum.

According to Trump - who spoke immediately before leaving for Dayton and El Paso to visit relatives of the victims of the weekend massacres - in Congress there is a "big appetite" for a strengthening of the so-called 'background checks' to be carried out before the 'purchase of weapons. "Democrats and Republicans are close to a solution," the president added, who also pointed out that a ban on assault weapons "has no support."

"I will convince Congress to act on weapons" (but it is holding back the ban on assault rifles)
Donald Trump restrains the possible ban on the sale to civilians of assault weapons: "I will convince the Congress to take measures after the shootings. There is consensus on the background checks", on the strengthening of the controls for those who buy firearms, "but not on the notice ".

"Accusations of racism against me are political"
The American president Donald Trump countered the accusations of having carried out extremist violence with his rhetoric about race and migrants, stating that they were pronounced only to score "a political gain".

"My critics are people from the political world, they are trying to score points. In many cases they are people running to become president," Trump told reporters at the White House. "I believe that my speeches bring people together," the president added before leaving for Dayton and El Paso to meet relatives of the victims of the two massacres that killed a total of 31.