Donald Trump appeared two days after the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, which claimed a total of 31 lives. He has been criticized by Democratic presidential candidates for having created with his rhetoric an atmosphere that increases the risk of racist attacks. In his speech, Trump said hatred has no place in the United States.

"We must condemn racism, narrow-mindedness and white power environments," Trump said.

Want extended background checks

He called for Republicans and Democrats to agree on legislation on increased background checks on gun sales, but did not get a closer look at what they would look like. In a tweet earlier this morning, Trump wrote that background checks could be linked to immigration reform. In the speech, however, no mention was made of new laws on immigration.

In the speech, it was revealed that the Ministry of Justice was commissioned to propose the death penalty legislation for domestic terrorists and people who carry out mass shootings with hate motives. The executions should be carried out quickly, without years of "unnecessary delays," Trump said.

Authorities should monitor the internet

The suspected offender in the shooting in Texas is believed to have published a text on an Internet forum just before the massacre. There he expressed right-wing opinions and wrote that the motive was to defend Texas from a "Latin American invasion." Trump said the light must be directed to the dark corners of the internet, where radicalized people find a place to express themselves. He said the Justice Department will work with local authorities and social media companies to identify potential perpetrators online.

- We must prevent mass killings before they start.

Trump: Mental health is the cause, not the weapons

Trump also mentioned violent computer games as a factor in mass shootings before embarking on mental illness. In his first statements after the weekend's deed, Trump pointed out mental illness as a cause. However, it has not been established by authorities that the perpetrators of the recent mass shootings suffered from mental illness.

In Monday's speech, Trump said that mental health care needs to be reformed to find "disturbed individuals who can perform violent acts, so that they can receive care or coercion." , not the weapons themselves.

- Those who are one for security should not have access to weapons, or be taken away from their weapons.

"A way to divert attention"

However, Trump did not mention anything about stricter gun laws, which was speaking according to political analyst Billy McCormac, who was visiting SVT's broadcast.

- It shone with her absence in the speech. This is a way to divert attention from the gun lobby, McCormac says.

Trump ended his speech by saying that it is not up to "mentally ill monsters" what the future of the United States looks like, but that it is decided by the people.

- If we can get through good legislation, those who died will not have done it in vain.