To the sustainable world Japanese junior and senior high school students learn about environment and educational issues August 8th 6:01

In order to think about the realization of the sustainable world that the United Nations is aiming for, Japanese junior high school students and high school students visited Egypt and announced what they learned about the environment and educational issues and differences from Japan.

The UNSDGs Human Resource Development Organization opened in Egypt, and 10 junior and senior high school students from Japan participated in this program to encourage young people to learn about the United Nations “SDGs” = sustainable development goals.

The students announced at the University of Cairo on the 7th that they learned about environmental and educational issues and their differences from Japan together with university students studying Japanese.

Among these, Mr. Yuo Egawa in the first year of junior high school pointed out the importance of education and recycling of waste disposal by pointing out the impact on health and the environment through inspection of poor areas where garbage is collected. It was.

In addition, in the third year of junior high school, Mr. Kotaro Muroi pointed out that younger generations are more prominent in Egypt, unlike Japan, where the birthrate is declining and aging. Appealed to be tackled.

Mr. Momoko Higashi, a junior high school student who participated, said, “There are more serious problems than we think, and there are people who live happily than we think. I learned to do it. "