Investigated in California's shooting shoot "domestic terror" on August 7 at 14:46

In the case of a man shooting in the US state of California and the death of three people, the FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation said that there was a possibility that the man might aim for other religious institutions and public institutions. It was made clear that it was positioned and proceeding with the investigation.

Last month, at a food festival venue in Gilroy, California, USA, a 19-year-old man shot an automatic rifle, killing three men and women, including a 6-year-old child, and killed him on the spot. .

The FBI investigator held a press conference on this day on the 6th, stating that "the man had a list of religious institutions and public institutions in the United States, which could be a target," It was revealed that there was a possibility of causing an incident, and that it would be positioned as “domestic terrorism” and proceeded with the investigation.

The man is reported to have posted content on Instagram that supports white supremacy.

Regarding this, the FBI continued to investigate the detailed motives and said that there were no accomplices as "I know that the man was interested in various violent ideas, but the specific motives have not been clarified yet." We are also investigating.

From the 3rd to 4th in the United States, there have been a series of shootings that killed 31 people in South Texas and the Midwest Ohio, and there has been a lot of debate about domestic gun regulations.