The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar Gargash, said that the developments around the Maasheq Palace in Aden are worrying and the call for calm is necessary, while the Arab Coalition fighters to support legitimacy in Yemen have destroyed weapons stores, missiles and drones for the Houthi-backed coup militias. In the south of the capital Sanaa, which is controlled by militias, coalition fighters also destroyed Houthi military reinforcements east of Saada, while 20 militiamen were killed in confrontations with Yemeni army forces in the Mureis front north of Dali.

In detail, Gargash said in a tweet on the social networking site «Twitter» yesterday, that «developments around the palace of Ma'haiq worrying and the call for calm is necessary, and escalation can not be an acceptable option after the despicable terrorist operation, the political framework and communication and dialogue is necessary towards the precursors and accumulations can not Gargash's tweet followed clashes in the vicinity of the presidential palace in Aden.

On the field level, 20 militiamen were killed and 30 others were injured in confrontations with Yemeni army forces, supported by the Arab Coalition, in the Mureis Front north of Al-Dhala governorate. The clashes erupted as militiamen attempted to infiltrate the army positions in the old villages of Solan The Yemeni army forces foiled the militia's attempt to force them to retreat and flee. The Yemeni army website said that among the armed dead of Houthi elements is one of the militia's field commanders named Abu Faida.

According to field sources, the latest attempt to infiltrate the militias came after the arrival of reinforcements, including various types of weapons and military mechanisms, in a desperate attempt to restore the positions lost in the north and west of Maris in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, a number of brigades of the Fourth Brigade of Resistance arrived in Mreis, to support the forces involved in the confrontations with the militias, which led to break the recent Houthi attack.

Joint forces and the Southern Resistance were able to achieve victories in the front of Tabab al-Khinqi and Aslan in the north of Maris, and units from the 5th Brigade, Saqa, 83 Artillery and the 2nd Brigade, were able to advance and secure these areas and the militias suffered heavy losses in equipment and lives.

In Sa'ada, FSA fighters destroyed reinforcements of Houthi militias in the east of the governorate after a series of concentrated raids led to the destruction of Houthi military vehicles in the Kattaf district, coinciding with the battles waged by Yemeni army forces against the militias.

In southern Sanaa, coalition fighter jets bombed a Houthi militia camp and destroyed weapons, ballistic missiles and drones after intensive overflights of coalition and surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, as well as a rocket launcher and reinforcements for the Houthis in Sanhan district.

In al-Hudaydah, on the west coast of Yemen, Houthi militias shelled residential neighborhoods in al-Tahita district with heavy artillery, and dropped a number of shells on civilian houses and farms and severely damaged them.

The militias have expanded their military escalation and intense shelling inside the city of Hodeidah, and recorded a significant increase in the recruitment of armed groups and fighters from outside the province, according to field and local sources confirmed that the militias redistributed their guns at points stationed in public and vital installations.

The sources pointed out that the militias brought reinforcements from the governorates of Sana'a, Amran, Rima, Mahwit and Dhamar in northern Yemen, and deployed a number of their mechanisms and armed elements in several areas south of Hodeidah, including the mountain and in the «Aden - surgical», and «Sqm», and towards the directorate and the city of Hays adjacent Ibb and Taiz governorates, which are witnessing a steady escalation of attacks, shelling and targeting of Houthi on a daily basis.

The militias raised the frequency of heavy and intense shelling on joint forces positions inside the city of Hodeidah, especially in the liberated eastern neighborhoods and towards Khamseen Street, using heavy artillery shells, mortar shells and heavy and medium machine guns, according to military sources in the joint forces. And residential neighborhoods in the directorates of Aldrehemi and Tahita and Hays and Beit al-Faqih and Aljah area.

Fishermen in the Taif area of ​​Al-Duraimi found a marine mine planted by Houthi militias near the coasts of the Directorate, which is a very dangerous mine. Military sources said that Houthi marine mines threaten the lives of many civilians who visit the shores of the Red Sea, as well as posing a danger to fishing boats and ships. Commercial.

A massive fire broke out at the 30th petrol station in the center of Ibb.

• Militias bring armed groups to Hodeidah and redistribute their elements within public facilities.

• Coalition raids destroy Houthi military vehicles in Saada, and thwart militia attack in Dhali.