The Board of Directors of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program has approved 609 housing subsidy decisions, worth half a billion dirhams, coinciding with the Eid Al Adha holiday.

Decisions for the new installment of housing support were distributed between 229 for the new construction, 41 for the completion of existing housing, and 16 decisions for prefabricated government housing. The rest of the decisions are in the category of home purchase, addition, expansion, and other areas of benefiting from the housing subsidies specified in the program.

The Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, said that the UAE government is working hard to provide a decent life for citizens by harnessing all the resources and resources available to build a cohesive society based on quality of life.

This came during a meeting held in Bateen Al Samar district in Ras Al Khaimah, where the meeting was preceded by a field tour for the board members to see the progress of work in Bateen Al Samar residential neighborhood, which includes 888 houses in all stages, and is expected to be delivered during the fourth quarter of next year. Project completion 40%.

The program's board members inspected some of the typical prefabricated housing units, which were devoted to the details of the housing area, quality of construction and finishing. It has also been devoted to access to optional services, which ensure that the beneficiaries of housing in the neighborhoods to obtain high-quality housing, including the specifications of sustainability and environment-friendly standards, which contribute to the consumption of electricity and water, achieving the objectives of conservation of resources for future generations.

The Board of Directors reviewed presentations on residential neighborhood projects implemented by the program, through project managers, who reviewed the completion rate and progress of each neighborhood. The Board of Directors also adopted a number of memoranda related to the development of services and the improvement of the work environment and human resources.

The program has issued 2336 housing subsidy decisions for citizen families since the beginning of the year, with an estimated value of one billion and 800 million dirhams.

The Board of Directors has also approved the linking of your “fortress” system to the future residential quarters it implements.

Al Naimi stressed that the readiness of the services provided by the UAE government creates an integrated infrastructure to achieve security and safety in infrastructure projects and housing.

He added that the decision came in implementation of the directions of the Government of the State in promoting safety initiatives, in order to save the lives of citizens and residents of the State.

The average income of the national family

The Board of Directors of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program approved the plan to implement the decision issued by the Council of Ministers regarding raising the income ceiling for grantees to AED 15,000, up from AED 10,000, in order to increase the number of beneficiaries in the category of grants and provide a decent life for UAE nationals.

The Minister of Infrastructure Development and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Abdullah Belhaif Al-Naimi, said the decision came after studying the average income of the citizen family, and in line with the government's aspirations to achieve a decent life for larger segments of society. The plan was also adopted to raise the ceiling of financial housing subsidy for loan beneficiaries in residential neighborhoods at the actual cost of housing, not exceeding the upper limit of the value of housing support.

The decision aims at facilitating access to housing and reducing additional financial obligations on beneficiaries, through obtaining the actual housing value of the program, and paying interest-free installments, thus providing the citizenship family with the financial implications associated with the additional debt. .

• “Zayed Housing” adopted memorandums related to the development of services, and raise the efficiency of the work environment and human resources.