A Brazilian drug dealer who tried to flee from prison with a disguise with which he intended to impersonate his teenage daughter was found dead Tuesday in his cell, the prison administration said.

Clauvino da Silva, 42, known as 'Baixinho' (Bajito), "would have hung himself with a sheet" at the Maximum Security prison in Bangú 1, in Rio de Janeiro, the agency said in a statement.

Da Silva made headlines on Saturday, when agents prevented him from leaving jail through the front door and filmed him while stripping off women's clothing and silicone mask with which he hoped to be confused with his 19-year-old daughter, who I had gone to visit him.

The girl and seven other visitors were arrested, as alleged accomplices of the escape attempt.

Clauvino da Silva, considered an important member of the Vermelho Command, one of the main drug trafficking groups in Brazil, was serving a 73-year prison sentence .

The authorities indicated that they opened an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of his death.

According to experts, hundreds of detainees are killed every year in Brazil, most in clashes between gangs that dispute control of the market and cocaine export routes.

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