NY stock market price rises for the first time in 6 business days

The New York Stock Market on the 6th, the Dow average share price rose for the first time in six business days, as the Chinese currency and the renminbi depreciation stopped, and there was a move to buy back stocks that had fallen significantly so far. The transaction started. The European market is also rising slightly, and the global stock price hike was once stopped.

The Dow average stock price has continued to decline since last Tuesday and recorded the largest decline on the 5th of the previous day, but has so far increased for the first time in 6 business days.

The European market on the 6th is also traded in London and Germany in Frankfurt, London, at 10:30 pm Japan time with a modest rise in prices. Stock prices that have continued worldwide have stopped in the Western market for the time being. It took a shape.

The market official said, “But the trade friction between the United States and China shows a complex aspect, including the exchange rate problem of the renminbi rate. "It's hard."