Nobel Prize writer Toni Morrison dies on black society theme August 7th 7:19

Toni Morrison, a female writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature for the first time as an African American, died on the 5th. I was 88 years old.

Toni Morrison was born in 1931 in the US state of Ohio in the US and went to the editor of the publisher after graduating from university.In 1970, he drew racism in American society through a black girl who loved whites. "I want blue eyes."

A large number of works set up in the history and society of black people. In 1988, a black woman was killed because her child escaped from being a slave, and she was killed because she was given a good literature. In addition to receiving the award, in 1993 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

In 2012, the President of Obama was awarded the highest medal "The Medal of Freedom" given to those who contributed to American cultural activities.

Former President Obama loved Morrison's writings, along with a photo of Morrison on Facebook, “Toni Morrison was a national treasure. It has a meaning, appeals to our conscience and calls for empathy. "

According to Morrison's family, Morrison died at a New York hospital on the 5th due to illness.