Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to close as soon as possible the file of the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi before US President Donald Trump begins his campaign for the next presidential election, Middle East Eye reported.

Mohammed bin Salman is seeking to close the Khashoggi assassination case by speeding up the trial of the perpetrators of the crime, which was carried out by a Saudi security team on October 2 last year inside the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey.

A leaked document issued on May 24 by the Emirates Policy Center, which is linked to the UAE government and its security services, was quoted as saying that what the Saudi crown prince is seeking is a wise step to turn the page of the incident by condemning the members of the security team that took Khashoggi's murder, so as not to The issue is raised in the campaigns ahead of the November 2020 US presidential election.

According to the UAE document, Saudi efforts to close the dossier mainly lie in pushing the heirs of the late journalist to accept blood money and a financial settlement agreed upon by the parties to the case, thus giving up their right to retribution from the killers.

It also stated that the Saudi authorities plan to use Saudi clerics to close the file, and that the clerics will offer the heirs of Jamal Khashoggi options ranging from accepting blood money and pardon without receiving any financial compensation.

In this context, the British website pointed out that Salah Khashoggi - the son of the late journalist - had denied that the family had received any money from the Saudi authorities.

He explained that the UAE document referred to a statement on behalf of Salah Khashoggi in which he denied the existence of any settlement, and stressed the need to prosecute anyone who had a role in the murder of his father.

The CIA and Turkish investigators believe that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of Khashoggi, who was writing opinion pieces for the Washington Post and Middle East Eye.

He also noted that Trump supported Mohammed bin Salman during the wave of international outrage that prevailed after the assassination of the Saudi journalist inside his consulate in Istanbul.

According to the Middle East Eye report, 11 people are on trial in the Khashoggi assassination case. Belief as mastermind of the assassination.