Today (6th) the National Assembly held a full steering committee meeting. North Korea's chief of staff, including Roh Roh's secretary general, has been questioned by opposition lawmakers on measures to counter the Japanese economy and the launch of North Korea's successor project.

It is report of reporter Min Kyung Ho.


President Roh Young-min, who attended the plenary meeting of the National Assembly Steering Committee, said in a greeting, "I will make our economy an opportunity to take a step forward so that we will not be overwhelmed by technology retaliation."

"We will mobilize all resources to minimize the damage our company will suffer."

"We are very aware of the recent security concerns," he said. "We are moving with a careful but confident step-by-step based on a solid ROK-US alliance."

In addition, the Democratic Party once again ordered a tough response to the Japanese economic retaliation.

Democratic Labor Party lawmakers insisted on a review of the military information security treaty with Japan, saying that Japan is carrying out an economic invasion that denies the past and tramples the future of Korea.

On the other hand, the Liberal Democratic Party ordered the government to take measures, saying that the economic crisis in the aftermath of Japan 's economic retaliation is increasing.

Nak Gyeong-won, chairman of the South Korean party, said, "It is the level of national security in the security, economy and diplomacy." In particular, the people are concerned about the second IMF.