Young men run over by scooter after a nightclub quarrel, the second boy died too

The parents consented to the removal of the organs

  • He chases and dabs two guys on scooters after a fight: one is dead, the other is in very serious condition


05 August 2019After Luca Carissimi, Matteo Ferrari also died today, the other young man swept away on the night between Saturday and Sunday, while he was on a scooter with his friend, by the car driven by Matteo Scapin, who rammed them after a fight in disco in Orio al Serio.

Curno's motorist, 33, is now in jail for voluntary murder. The two victims were 21 and 18 years old. Matteo's parents consented to the removal of organs.

The motorist was positive about the alcohol test. It seems that the cameras on the road show the Mini Cooper that supports the Vespa on which the young people were traveling before overwhelming it. It is confirmed that the quarrel between the boys had begun inside the disco, following the appreciation from Carissimi to the girl of the thirty-three year old. An altercation continued then out of the room and ended tragically with the chase at full speed between the streets of Azzano San Paolo (Bergamo). Not yet clear why the rear window of the car broke and who damaged it.
ref: rainews