“We will always be on their side (of the victims of the shooting. - RT ), and we will never forget this. This is an attack on our nation and a crime against all mankind, ”he said during a speech.

The American leader also called on law enforcement agencies to respond “quickly, decisively and without delay” to these incidents.

“We asked the FBI to find all the additional resources they need to investigate and stop hate crimes and home-grown terrorism,” he said.

In addition, he called for "shed light on the dark parts of the Internet" and stop the "cult of cruelty" in the country, distributed, including "through video games."

He stressed that "there is no place for hatred in the United States."

Trump also expressed condolences to Mexico, whose citizens died as a result of shooting in the US states.

Earlier, the American president demanded to strengthen control over the acquisition of weapons.

He also said that people who shot at people in the states of Texas and Ohio suffered from "mental illness."

On August 3 and 4, mass shooting occurred in two states of the United States, a total of 29 people were killed.

In the Texas city of El Paso opened fire on visitors to the shopping center and killed 20 people. After that, in Dayton, the gunner opened fire on passersby in a street in the city, killing nine people and wounding 26.