President Trump “at death for serious crimes” 4:56 on August 6 after shooting


Following a series of shootings in the United States, President Trump strongly condemned the case and stressed his stance to prevent recurrence, such as facing serious crimes at the death penalty. The opposition party and the Democratic Party are calling for responsibility as the discriminatory behavior of President Trump has led to the incident, and it seems that there is an aim to avoid criticism.

In the United States, a series of gunfire incidents occurred from the 3rd to the 4th, killing 22 people in a large retail store in Southern Texas, and 9 people in a restaurant in the Midwest Ohio.

In response, President Trump released a statement on the case on the 5th, saying, “The savage mass killing is an attack on our country. We are angry and angry about this terrible evil.” Did.

On top of that, "We must condemn racism, prejudice, and white supremacy. There is no room for hatred in America," and against serious crimes such as hate crimes and mass murder. Expressed the idea that he should face the death penalty.

In addition to strengthening alerts on the Internet in cooperation with social media-related companies and emphasizing measures to prevent recurrence, such as emphasizing measures against mental health, specific measures regarding gun control are specific. Did not mention.

In response to the incident in Texas, the opposition party and the Democratic Party have said that President Trump has taken discriminatory actions against immigrants, leading to a series of voices pursuing responsibility. There seems to be an aim to dodge criticism.

Democratic Party “I ca n’t talk about the president ’s gun”

Opposition and Democrats are increasingly criticizing President Trump's reluctance to control guns.

In response to President Trump's statement, the opposition and Democratic party jointly released a statement by the Senate head, Schuma ’s general affairs, and Pelosi ’s chairman.

The statement points out that "the president can talk about gun violence but not about guns. It shows that the president has become an advocate of the NRA = National Rifle Association and gun lobby groups." And criticized President Trump for showing reluctance to gun control.

On top of that, in the parliamentary house where the opposition party and the democratic party are majority, and in the parliamentary Senate where the ruling and republican parties are majority, regarding the gun control bill passed in February, which strengthens the purchaser's confirmation survey when selling guns, He pointed out that there was no deliberation against the Republican leadership, and appealed that the bill should be passed immediately.

Regarding the confirmation survey of buyers, President Trump wrote on Twitter that he should “strengthen the survey” and showed a positive attitude, but he mentioned it in the announcement of the shooting incident three hours later. The Democratic Party is increasingly criticizing the president as “I do not intend to tackle gun control”.

On the other hand, in the Senate Senate, there is also a movement aimed at enacting a bill that can take away guns from potentially dangerous persons among the Republicans and Democrats. Attention will be paid to whether gun control will actually proceed in response to the incident.

Release video at the time of the incident

The authorities in Dayton, Ohio, released a video of a security camera that shot the scene of the incident that occurred in Ohio in the Midwestern United States.

This incident was about 1 am on the 4th, when a man shot a gun in an area of ​​restaurants in Dayton, Ohio, in the Midwestern United States. According to police and city officials, nine people on the scene died, A person was injured.

In the released video, you can see how many people run away into the building while running. You can see how a man who appears to be a black criminal is carrying a gun, running and chasing people, and then falls down on the spot just before entering the building.

Also, in the video taken from a different angle, you can see how multiple police officers ran and then fired in the direction of the building, holding a gun and turning the car on the road The state of trying to escape is also reflected.