“Russia's position on this issue reflects reality. The fact is that at the time the Treaty was directed against the means that were capable of delivering a sudden disarming strike, when the time in the summer was reduced to a minimum. Accordingly, this provoked a forward strike. Missiles threatened strategic stability. And now this criterion is absolutely undermined by the actions of the United States, ”the expert believes.

According to him, Washington’s position on the issue of the treaty cannot but bother Moscow, because, “in fact, it is a provocation.”

“Russia needs to look for some options, because now there is a game in the peepers, who will blink first. And this is very dangerous, ”Podberezkin concluded.

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that Russia could not ignore the state of affairs after the United States ’departure from the INF Treaty and be content with declarations of peace from Washington and its allies.