The United States of America Texas Gun shooting fires a candle and commemorates the victim August 5 21:17

Overnight after a man slammed a gun and killed 20 people in a large retail store in the southern United States of America in the park near the scene, many residents used candles to commemorate the victims .

In a large retail store in El Paso, Texas, in the southern United States, 20 people, including six Mexicans, were killed in a gun shooting on the 3rd.

Police arrested Patrick Cursius, a 21-year-old white man living in eastern Texas, and judicial authorities regarded the case as "domestic terrorism," inspired by political, racial and religious extremism. It has been clarified that it is investigating as a terrorist act to be planned.

On the 4th, one day after the incident, in the park near the scene, thousands of residents gathered at the call of several religious groups such as Christianity and Islam, and memorial services were held for the victims.

Representatives of religious groups called, "Nothing comes from hate. There is a difference between us, but recognizing each other is more important than anything else."

The participants then lit candles at the sunset and sang the victim while singing a prayer song.

A local woman who joined with her daughter said, "It's a shocking and really awful incident. I feel anxious about raising my child."

A man who joined the family said, "It's a terrible affair without words. We have to unite now so that such a terrible incident will not happen again."

Citizens act as governors

Even in Dayton, Ohio, where the 9 dead people were shot, a memorial service for the victims was held near the restaurant on the 4th, one night after the incident.

Many citizens gathered at the memorial service, shook the candle, sang songs and hate the victims.

In the ceremony, the governor who belongs to the Republican Party started talking to show the condolences to the victims, and the participants asked for concrete measures such as "Act!" Or "Make change!" A voice arose and the governor was blocked from talking.

The voice of the participants was not heard after the governor's story, and the mayor of the Democratic Party of Dayton who took the show took the microphone "We love you. But tonight is a place to hate the victims A big applause arose when I called.

The men who participated were angered, saying, "I'm sick of the shootings. It's the third time in a week, the second time in 24 hours. But nothing has been done yet."