In the ruling party, which is continuing its hard-line stance toward Japan, it is said that one of the countermeasures today (today) is to tackle the problem of radiation, which is the weakness of Japan, and increase the prohibition zone for travel to Japan including Tokyo. The government has been cautious once in a while.

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Rep. Choi Jae-sung, chairman of the ruling party's special committee on measures against the Japanese economy, said it would expand the "no-travel zone" as a non-economic measure to hurt Japan.

"We should include Tokyo, which will be hosting the summer Olympics next year," he insisted. The radioactive material in Tokyo was detected four times more than the standard.

[Choi Jae-sung / Chairman of the Democratic Party's Japanese Economic Aggression Special Committee: If you do not like Tokyo at all, why not go to business or any other reason?

The Japanese Foreign Ministry issued a notice yesterday saying that large-scale anti-Japanese demonstrations are frequent in Korea and that it should act carefully to its citizens.

At present, there is no place with the highest black alarm and travel ban in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Trip Alert.

Within the 30km radius of Fukushima where the radioactive spill occurred in 2011, there is only a three-stage red warning and withdrawal advice.

In response to Japanese whitelist exclusion measures last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week examined whether to issue additional steps to the first phase, a travel note, outside the red area of ​​Fukushima, 10 km in radius.

In addition, Tokyo is not a subject to be reviewed at first, but it is a position to be introduced with caution only if it is proved that radioactivity addition detection is done.

Korea, which accounts for one-quarter of Japan's foreign tourists, is expected to have a considerable impact when it comes to radioactivity issues and introduces travel restriction cards.

(Image coverage: Kim Wonbae, Image editing: Cheol Chul Ho)