Sudan's military junta and protest leaders yesterday signed a constitutional declaration that would pave the way for the handover of power to a new transitional body, mostly civilians, as well as dates for the formal signing of the constitutional declaration, The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Gargash said that Sudan has entered a new era in its political history by turning to civilian rule.

In a tweet on the social networking site Twitter, Gargash said yesterday: "Sudan is turning the page of the rule of al-Bashir and the Muslim Brotherhood into a new era in its political history by turning to civil rule. The path to a state of institutions, stability and prosperity will not be filled with roses, But our confidence in the brotherly Sudan and its people and the solidarity of the faithful around him is great. "

The constitutional declaration was signed by one of the most prominent leaders of the forces of freedom and change, Ahmad al-Rabie, and the deputy head of the military council, Mohammed Hamdan Daklou, in a ceremony attended by Ethiopian and African Union mediator Mohamed Hassan El-Labad and Ambassador Mahmoud Dreir. The Sudanese people gathered in Khartoum to celebrate the signing of the constitutional declaration based on the document of the political agreement agreed upon on July 17, which provides for the formation of a civilian military governing body that supervises the formation of a transitional civilian government. , And a parliament for a three-year transitional period.

The leader of the protest movement, Munther Abu al-Maali, said that the official signature of the constitutional declaration to foreign dignitaries is scheduled for August 17, which is supposed to be the first days of the trial of deposed President Omar al-Bashir on corruption charges.

"On 18 August, the ruling military junta and the protest leaders will announce the composition of the Council of Sovereignty, mostly civilians. On August 20, the Prime Minister will be announced, and on 28 January the names of the members of the Council of Ministers will be announced," he said.

Saudi Arabia welcomed the signing by the Sudanese military council and the forces of freedom and change of the constitutional declaration. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted an official source at the Foreign Ministry as saying that "this step is a qualitative step that would move the brotherly Sudan towards security, peace and stability." To renew the national interest and open a new page in the history of the country. The source reiterated Saudi Arabia's full commitment to stand by the Sudan and to continue its support to contribute to its advancement and stability and security in all its regions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the signing and stressed the importance of this step in moving the country toward permanent stability and peace and realizing the aspirations of the brotherly Sudanese people for development and progress. The Ministry appreciated the keenness of all parties on the supreme interest and the efforts exerted to reach this agreement. Sudan and stand with it, especially at this important stage of its history.

Egypt welcomed the agreement reached in Sudan. The Foreign Ministry said that the agreement is an important step on the right path towards achieving security and stability in the country and stressed the full support for the choices and aspirations of the Sudanese people in all its sectors and the state institutions as responsible for implementing these aspirations. To continue to do everything necessary to support the brothers in the Sudan, in connection with the eternal relations between the two brotherly peoples.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry statement pointed out that the steps taken by the brothers in Sudan during the past period, foremost of which is reaching an agreement on the constitutional declaration document, as well as agreeing to form a civil government with independent national competencies, Which in turn requires the lifting of the suspension of Sudan's membership of the African Union. Egypt reiterated the necessity of concerted efforts of the international community to support the Sudan and its people in the hopes and aspirations for security, stability and prosperity.

The next important steps in Sudan

■ August 17

Final signature of the Constitutional Declaration.

■ August 18

Declaration of the composition of the sovereign council.

■ August 20

Announcement of the new Sudanese Prime Minister.

■ August 28

Declaration of the names of members of the Council of Ministers.